My name is Boris Kachanov. I am a graduate of the New York City College of Technology. I majored in Advertising Design and Graphic Arts. I have gained many skills and a lot of experience in this major. I have always had an interest in art. During my time in this school, I have discovered many ways to implement my interest into design. I have learned about many different mediums that could be used to reach the public with a message or a product.

My knowledge in computers sparked my interest in design, in all aspects of it. I have always tried to learn new things and develop my skills. I learned Adobe Photoshop at a young age and continue to become more proficient in it. Since then, I have learned Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, QuarkXPress, Final Cut Pro, just to name a few.

I have been interested in web design ever since I first used the internet. Now I have a substantial amount of knowledge in this field and I am still learning. I am adequately proficient in HTML, CSS, and many other aspects of web design.